Frog Fun is a new app for iOS and Android devices based on the classic board game, Supercheckers (aka King’s Court). It is the beautiful marriage of chess and checkers. Like checkers, Frog Fun is simple to learn. Nevertheless, this is a game that requires the complex strategic thinking of chess to master. And the game is frogging fun to play!

Frog Fun is a game where two 24 frog teams play frogball down in the swamp - on a grid of 64 lily pads. Sixteen lily pads in the center of the swamp form a 4 X 4 lily pad grid called Turtle Island. Turtle Island is surrounded by 48 lily pads, upon which the 48 frogs position themselves to begin the contest. The two frog teams are competing for domination of Turtle Island. Whichever team is first, to jump all of the other team’s frogs on the island, wins the game. You do not need to take all your opponents frogs to win, only the frogs on Turtle Island.

You can jump any frog, of either team, in a horizontal or vertical direction (not diagonal). Your opponents frogs fall into the swamp when jumped, but not the frogs on your team. Click the “Jump” button to jump frogs.

The game starts with each player, to get a frog on Turtle Island, clicking on a frog and then on an adjacent empty lily pad - in order to occupy Turtle Island. There is no jumping on the first two moves. Now, play continues and jumping of one or more frogs in a horizontal or vertical direction is allowed. Not jumping, and simply moving to an empty adjacent lily pad, is also allowed.

The game features three playing Modes

User Against Computer – Learn the game by playing against the computer! Please note, the computer is not as smart as you. This mode is for learning and is not competitive. You'll need to play in one of the social modes in order to truly appreciate Frog Fun.

 Two Users on Same Device – “Social Mode” -Two users can log in on the same device and play against each other.

Two Users on Different Devices – In this other “Social Mode”, you can enter the user name of another player you know, or you can select the “Play with Random Player” option. In either case, the player being challenged will be presented with an invitation to “Accept” or “Decline” the invite if they are logged into Frog Fun.

 Tournament Play – This mode is NOW active via our implementation with However, there are not many tournament players just yet. Give it a try with a friend and let us know how it's working for you. Write to us at  Thanks!

Leaderboard - Check out your stats and the Leaderboard to see how you compare to the best players for the last 30 days. To get to the leaderboard, click on your frog (orange or green) while you are playing a game. This will take you to some basic stats. Then click on the "Leaderboard" trophy graphic in the lower left corner of that screen. Note that games played against the computer are not added to the leaderboard, just the game-play modes "Two Users on the Same Device" and "Two Users on Different Devices".

Click the "X" button in the upper right corner of that screen to return to the current game.